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Methods to improve pulverized coal briquetting machine's ball strength and explosion temperature

Pulverized coal briquetting machine can be used to suppress pulverized coal, iron powder, coking coal, aluminum, iron, tin oxide, carbon powder, coal powder, slag, gypsum, tailings, sludge, kaolin clay, activated carbon, etc at the end of the coke powder, powder, waste, waste residue, widely used in refractory material, power plant, metallurgy, chemical industry, energy, transportation, heating and other industries, the coal powder pressing ball mechanism for forming of the materials, energy conservation, environmental protection, convenience of transportation, improve the utilization of waste, has the good economic efficiency and social benefits.Foreign new pelletizing plant with waste heat recovery system, also carry on the improvement of the same old factory, pulverized coal briquetting machine purpose is to fully recovery and make use of waste heat, reduce cost greatly.On the basis of fat coal and gas coal fat coal, right amount with coking coal, makes every effort to take various measures with high volatile weak caking coal, the principle of the coking coal blending, is according to the situation of coal resources in China, through a lot of practice test.

In addition, pulverized coal injection in the regenerative enclosure adopts improved back pernicious gas temperature, reduce the ignition and roasting with fuel consumption also bring down the cost.Research new add jing bentonite is a kind of effective binder. Both can improve the strength and the burst of the pellet temperature briquetting machine, and can control the moisture in pelletizing process, addition of coal blending, want to combine the situation of the region, make full use of the property of coal resources, made suitable for various USES of coal to meet the worker, the needs of the development of agriculture, according to the above principles and methods of the experiences and relevant materials, the reason for most of the pelletizing plant at home and abroad to use, but it into the alkali metals and other impurities, the original bad effects.
Good heat resistance, wear-resisting layer is recommended to use under the working condition of 600 ℃ or less use, if adding vanadium alloy layer, such as molybdenum alloy, can withstand the high temperature of 800 ℃ or less wear and tear. Recommended temperature is as follows: ordinary carbon steel substrate recommended is not higher than 380 ℃ condition of use;Low alloy heat-resistant steel plate (15 crmo, 12 cr1mov, etc.) recommended base plate is not higher than 540 ℃ condition of use; Pulverized coal briquetting machine heat resistant stainless steel substrate is recommended in use is not higher than 800 ℃ condition.Good corrosion resistance, wear resistance of composite steel plate containing high percentage of chromium metal alloy layer, so have ability to rust and corrosion.Used for coal cylinder and hopper, etc can be done to prevent caking coal.

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