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Mineral powder briquette machine molding technology

 Mineral powder briquette machine molding technology determines the productivity and efficiency into a ball , Shisheng slag pressure on our machine into a ball to explain what techniques described. Shisheng slag briquette machine is mainly divided into a ball the way cold and hot points. Here gradually explain for us.

In the hot pressing process technology mainly, for heating the material, the material reaches a certain temperature, while the material in the adhesive is increased, thus increasing the success rate of suppression. In such a way that the main use of slag briquette machine for low adhesion material. In this way, you can not add the binder material, the material itself, but by molding adhesive, so you can save the cost of inputs, tested , mineral powder briquette machine so pressing process for some stick together into a ball rate is not high materials has greatly improved.
Cold technologies can be divided into no added binders and binder is added two kinds of craft adhesive add input costs are relatively large , relatively speaking, the process is more complicated, but some of the material is to be suppressed by this way. So as to ensure the efficiency of ore forming pressure the ball machine . No binder technology alone slag pressure is the pressure of the ball machine itself , its repression , which can effectively be low process complexity and cost of inputs. He better adhesion to the material used in many materials, such as slime, etc.
These are the slag briquette machine molding technology to explain , in the use of the process, the need for flexibility in the use according to its actual production , so as to maintain productivity mineral powder briquette machine .

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