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How to install and debug gypsum pressure ball press machine?

 Installation and commissioning process for FGD gypsum ball press machine is essential process before gypsum pressure ball press come into use. Directly determine the productivity and stability of operation.

The first is the necessary planning for the site before installin, after customer purchase gypsum pressure ball press machine, Shisheng can based on customer demand for space planning, and provide the appropriate drawings, drawings need to be planned for the site, if necessary changes, be sure to consult the professional engineer to see if changes have necessity and reasonableness. For the installation process, ensure the stability of fixed because gypsum pressure ball press machine will vibrate during operation, to avoid trouble because of not securely installed and unnecessary .
After installation , it needs to carry out the necessary commissioning work, first check the internal structure of gypsum ball press machine is complete , check the installation of the situation from , whether certain meets the requirements of production. Ensure the safety of the circuit. After everything is ready, turn the power of FGD gypsum ball press machine for empty machine running , check the mechanical operation of electric shock to reach the required power . After some normal , pressed material , whether we can achieve the desired rate into a ball , if you do not meet expectations , stopping to check whether it is because the roller ball press machine is not aligned with the gap between the rollers or higher than caused big problems after some work place, you can be a normal production .

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