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The solutions of final products burr and irregular shape

In actual production, briquette machine rely on two roller extrusion to press materials into smooth balls. If balls have burr, or form irregular shape, such as forming the hemispher, how to solve this situation?

Henan Shisheng is the professional briquette machine manufacturer in China, we have mature technology. So we can provide the professional after-sale for customers. If there is this situation, the reason is that two rollers improper adjustment, we advice customers to adjust from two aspects.
1: if the gap between the two rollers is too large, the pressure will decrease, in the process of production, the finished product would be a burr formation or irregular shape. Solution: manually adjust the clearance between two roller of briquetting machine, if not very extract the structure, can contact the manufacturer directly, under the guidance of the manufacturer to adjust. Henan Shishenghas first-class after-sales service, professional and technical personnel are on duty 24 hours a day, can be professional guidance to the customer's questions.
2: if two rollers wheel are not alignment, this creates briquette machine in the running process appear certain deviation. That is the reason that shape of the finished ball appears irregular or incurred hemisphere. Adjustment method: two pairs of the roller bearing, make the roller center watching out for each other.

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