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How should distinguish the ring film granulation machine and the flat-die granulation machine?

ring film granulation machine

Ring film granulator and flat-die granulation machine are good granulation equipment, both which have been widely used in each big enterprise, but between the two difference is great, the production of organic fertilizer manufacturers according to their own needs to choose suitable for their own business granulator:

Flat mould granulating machine is also called bio organic fertilizer column shaped granulator, can be fermented good organic fertilizer raw materials directly into organic fertilizer flat film granulator, first use the roller roll into pie, through the abrasives with cutting knife to cut into the cylindrical shape of the new equipment.
Ring film granulation machine:
1. The feed by the processing models, temperature moderate, can well maintain the raw materials in a variety of trace elements, good palatability, animal feed intake, is conducive to digestion and absorption of various nutrients.
2. Particles of uniform composition, neat appearance, smooth surface diameter can be in between 1.5-6mm transform (replacement die), the length can be adjusted between 5-20mm and particle density, easy storage and transportation, suitable in various breeding objects in different growth period.
3. processing fish feed can keep a long time in the water, improve the utilization of feed. Is conducive to prevent water pollution.
4. the model has a wide adaptability to the material, and can process the full price and feed with different requirements.
5. the model can process the low moisture content of the powder feed, but also can process the fresh feed with higher water content.
Applicable scope:
The ring film granulation machine can be widely used in medium and small aquaculture, grain feed processing plant, animal farm, poultry farms and individual farmers.
How should distinguish the ring film granulation machine and the flat-die granulation machine?
One, different material discharging way: the ring film belongs to the high speed, the material removal rate is high; the flat mold belongs to the bottom rotational speed, the breakage rate is lower.
Second, different feeding ways: ring membrane granulating machine adopts curve groove rolling compression of the feed, high speed rotation point into the compression chamber, namely raw material sent to the sub wheel is just go to, because of the weight of the material itself, the feeding is not uniform; flat die granulator is on their own material material weight into the press room and can even feeding.
Three, a pressing wheel regulation in different ways: ring membrane pressing block confidential is with pressure round in the middle of the eccentric wheel on the two screws to adjust the pressure wheel module gap to control the pressure, convenient and quick; flat die granulator is the screw column M100 center adjusting mechanism, the top 100 tons, falling steadily, bunt, soft, uniform pressure. Can be used for manual and hydraulic automatic adjustment of two ways.
Four, compression molding diversification: round bar, square, particles exchange the mold can be done for different materials compression molding, to achieve the most benefit.
Five, the pressure is different: any press block machine on biological compression only in 1-2.5 mm gap can be compressed into a block, a big gap often cannot be compressed into a block, and the level of block molding machine to adjust the clearance at 0-8 mm, is not limited by the diameter of the die, so there is no gap can not adjust the said; flat molded wheel diameter size is not affected by the restrictions of the die diameter can increase the internal space axis, use large bearing increase the capacity of the wheel pressure, not only improved the pressing force of the pressing wheel, and also to extend the service life.

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