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What is the coal briquette?

Coal briquette is the coal products using pulverized coal or low grade coal after screening, crushing, mixing, stirring made by compression process with a certain strength, size and shapes.

Coal briquettes can be divided into two categories, civilian coal and industrial briquette. Civilian coal briquette and honeycomb briquette; industrial briquette can be widely used in metallurgy, casting, chemical fertilizer, calcium carbide industry and railway locomotive, layer combustion boiler, gas producer, industrial kilns and other fields. 
As the main body of our country civilian coal honeycomb briquettes, match with advanced stoves, thermal efficiency is twice as tall as coal, general coal saving 20%;Soot and so2 decreased by 40% ~ 40%, 80% less carbon monoxide.Industrial furnace and steam locomotive type burning coal compared with raw coal burning, can save more than 15%, smoke decreased by 50% ~ 60%, sulfur dioxide decreased by 40% ~ 50%. Coal briquettes energy saving rate is the highest of clean coal technology, relative environmental benefits is also high.

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