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Mineral powder briquetting machine used steel

Customers are buying mineral powder briquetting machine, the first impression is the external image pressure ball machine, the customer did not know about mineral powder briquetting machine structure, kuangfen pressure ball machine external use steel material quality, directly determines the customer do you intend to further understand, so steel material quality determines the first impression for the mechanical equipment from the customers. Mineral powder briquetting machine has been sticking to the production tenet of quality first, the mineral powder briquette machine selection has always been very strict, below division of sail pressure ball machine do the interpretation in terms of the choice of steel.
According to the mineral powder briquette machine related shape rules, need to make sure that mineral powder briquetting machine surface of clean steel, flat, etc, this is the first condition of determine whether the equipment quality pass. Mechanical there cannot be crack on the surface of the steel, or folding phenomenon. On the choice of steel, steel material have to be certain inspection, whether steel can meet requirements needed in the process of machining.Above problems can be manually clean up, but in the artificial cleaning, can appear the phenomenon of artificial buffing. Shisheng in here to remind customers buying mineral powder briquette machine is, with the hand touch the surface of equipment, whether can feel artificial traces of repair, if any, need details about the artificial process for coal type device itself productivity will cause certain effect.

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