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How to solve the problem of briquette machine rust?

1. The small pneumatic or electric rust removing mainly powered by electricity or compressed air, appropriate cleaning device assembly, reciprocating motion or rotation, to adapt to the cleaning requirements of various kinds of occasions. Belongs to a half mechanization equipment, tools and lighter, the mobility is large, can be completely to rust removing, old coating, etc., to play MAO coating processing, but can't reach high quality surface processing quality, working efficiency is relatively low injection processing. It can be used in any part of the briquetting machine.

2. Apply the paint on the surface oxide coated mineral or baked enamel, oil, paint coating, etc.In the steel surface using methods such as electroplating, hot dip plating layer is not easy to rust on the metal, iron products can also be chemically generated on the surface of a layer of dense and stable oxide film in order to prevent the briquetting machine rust.

3. The chemical cleaning is mainly using acid react with metal oxide, thus get rid of briquetting machine on the surface of the metal corrosion product of a cleaning method, known as pickling, operating only in the workshop.

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