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Mineral powder briquette machine is difficult to balling

Technology technician Wang got a call from customer consultation yesterday, said that he just bought mineral powder briquette machine, but this machine has low balling efficiency, the material in the process of suppression, often appear the difficulty of plugging material, and difficulty to balling. Heard the customer introduction, for the specific circumstances, Henan Shisheng technology department spread about this question for a small technical meeting, below is the problem put forward the following solutions.

1. mineral powder briquetting machine is difficult to balling, mainly is the materials, it is possible that the material humidity is not suitable for mineral powder briquette machine to press, customers can choose high humidity material, if the local material is this kind of situation, can choose to replace into the dry powder briquette maker machine.
2. another possibility is the built-in powder briquetting machine between the roller spacing is too large, itself strength is not enough to make the material extrusion molding, can be in the proper range adjust the spacing between the roll wheel, such for material extrusion force will increase.
3. if the ball forming ore size and briquette machine don't correspond to the bowl groove, which can cause to take off the ball, need to adjust the size of the ball, the premise is to ensure that the ball off the adjustment reason, can only be effective when this adjustment of no effect.

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