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Three parts of briquetting machine

 1, feeding part, main is to realize the quantitative feeding to ensure uniform material into the roller. Spiral feed unit driven by electromagnetic speed regulating motor, turn the pulley, worm reducer, pressure material will be forced into the inlet pressure. Due to electromagnetic speed regulating motor constant torque characteristic, when the pressure of the spiral feeder shoes and equals the quantity of the materials needed by the host, can maintain a constant feed pressure make the pellet quality is stable. As for the shoes is too big, feeding device electrical overload; For shoes is too small, no ball. Thus the skilled operation skill is vital to guarantee the normal work of the ball.

2, transmission parts, main drive system is: the motor - triangle strip - reducer - open gear - roll.Host powered by electromagnetic speed regulating motor, the pulley, cylindrical gear reducer, through the rod to drive shaft pin coupling. Driving shaft and driven shaft through the open gear ensure synchronous operation. Behind passive bearing seat is equipped with hydraulic equipment. Hydraulic pressure protection device is composed of hydraulic pump high pressure oil into the hydraulic cylinder, the piston to produce axial displacement. Before pick up the top of the head of the piston rod on the bearing pressure to meet the production requirements.
3, molding part, mainly refers to the host, the core part is the roll. When between two roller feeding into the metal, or too much of the hydraulic cylinder live pressure ball machine plug rod pressure overload, hydraulic pump will stop buffer effect to the pressure change, accumulator, overflow valve open back to oil, the piston rod shift between the roller gap increased so hard objects through the roller, the system pressure returned to normal, can protect the roller damage. Briquetting machine roller skin with 65 manganese casting.After special heat treatment hardness can reach more than 58 degrees. Roll skin combined assembly, replaceable after wear and tear. Mineral powder briquette machine has a buffer device, can better protect equipment from hard objects. Mineral powder briquetting machine design with adjustable device makes the roller ball bowl in the range of adjustable, forever will never be misplaced.
Briquette machine lord motor: through v-belt, to gear reducer, gear reducer through coupling, to drive shaft by a pair of open gear again, ensure that the two roller synchronous (constant speed) which the passive roller briquette machine by the hydraulic cylinder piston to resist (by oblique iron to resist constant pressure type), the hydraulic circuit and hydraulic pressure control valve and the accumulator guarantee system, material storage bin by quantitative equipment machine evenly into the hopper, through the adjustment damper adjustment on the hopper, evenly into the middle of the roll of material, constant speed reverse operation of the unit to compress roll material molding pressure changes from small to big, peaked in the roll center line of the molding pressure, material after the line, the molding pressure decreases rapidly make the material into a ball state, take off the ball.

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