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Sludge drum granulation process for organic and inorganic fertilizer

Drum granulation process introduction for production sludge organic and inorganic fertilizer:

Sludge drum granulation process1) containing about 40 percent water dewatered sludge (viscosity adaptation), transported to the disc feeder, by intermittent rotation of the disc, mixed homogeneous materials feed to disk granulator's rotary disc.
2) transported to the high efficiency drying machine, with the high temperature from the ejector type air blower to finish preliminary drying, and the water is controlled in 10% - 15%.
3) delivered to the organic fertilizer special screening machine, screening machine special design can completely solve the problem of screen adhesion.
4) after the screening, qualified particles sent to the silo, large particles by crushing reach the requirement then sent to the metering bin.
5) nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and fillers and other qualified raw materials transported to the silo.
6) after weighing the raw material convey to the drum granulator, at the same time pass into saturated steam (water), material with frictional effects generated in the rotation of the rotary drum granulator forms a rolling bed, rolling produced by extrusion pressure containing a certain liquid phase material reunion become small particles, these small particles become the core and adhesion around the powder form qualified granules.
7) transport to the organic fertilizer drying machine and heat exchange with the heat from the hot air stove.
8) is conveyed to the hot sieving separation particles, fine particles directly back to the rotary drum granulator, as the core to involved in the adhesion of particles into balls.
9) after the screening of the semi product particles to the organic fertilizer cooling machine, through the natural cooling or forced air cooling.
10) is transported to the finished screen, large particles crushed by the mill after the return to the drum granulator in to continue to participate in the ball.
11) the qualified product is delivered to the coating film coating.
12) delivery to the full automatic weighing, packaging, storage.
13) drying, cooling and workshop dust by cyclone dust collector, labyrinth type dust removal chamber, wet washing three stage treatment.

Drum granulation process for production sludge organic and inorganic fertilizer has the following advantages:
Sludge drum granulation process
The material layer in the drum pass into the steam to enhance the temperature of material granulation, granulation materials of dissolved salts and low moisture content obtained high amount of liquid phase to meet the material required by the particle in the liquid phase, while reducing the drying process of the evaporation of water.
Some soft rubber plate or polypropylene plate is arranged on the inner wall of a rotary drum liner, cylinder body corresponding to the position of the open air vents are, when lined with the cylinder also from below go above, due to the relationship between the weight of lining sagging, so that the adhesion on the lining material and falling due to gravity, to automatically clean the role of material. In operation, the operator can observe the material into the ball at any time, according to the need to take the appropriate measures to ensure the normal operation of the system.

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