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Pig manure disc granulating process

 Pig manure disc granulating process

Brief introduction of pig manure disc granulation organic fertilizer technology:

1) after treatment pig manure is transported directly to the raw material bin (or material mixer).
2) pig manure is transported to the disc feeder, uniformly feed to disk granulator rotating disk; the liquid component or the amount of water through the liquid disk granulator the distributor sprinkled on the disk of material, to meet balling required amount of liquid phase; rotating disc and the rim of the material friction and centrifugal effect, make the material produce circumferential motion, the particles between rolling and extrusion, gradually aggregated into the ball; because of the difference of particle mass, gravity and centrifugal force generated is not the same, when the gravity and centrifugal effect increased enough to overcome the friction between particles will being thrown outside, smaller particles remain in the disc to gather fine powder.
3) transport to the organic fertilizer drying machine and heat exchange with the heat from the hot air stove.
4) sorting particles transported to the hot screening, fine particles returned directly disc feeder, as the core to the involved in the adhesion of particles into balls.
5) transport to the organic fertilizer cooling machine, through natural cooling or forced air cooling of the fertilizer.
6) transported to the finished screen, large particles by crushing return to the disc feeder to continue to participate in balling.
7) the qualified product is delivered to the coating film coating.
8) delivery to the full automatic weighing, packaging, storage.
9) drying, cooling and workshop dust by cyclone dust collector, labyrinth type dust removal chamber, wet washing of three stage treatment.
Disc granulation process for producing swine manure has the following advantages:
Pig manure disc granulating process
Operation is intuitive, at any time grasp the operation of the device, the discovery of abnormal, can be adjusted in time.
The size of the particle is determined by the angle of the disc and the rotating speed, and the tilt rate and the rotation speed can be adjusted, so the size of the disc granulation process can be controlled by the size of the disc, strong adaptable, the ball rate is very high, can reach 70%-90%.
Production process of swine manure disc granulation process is short, simple structure, less investment, easy to operate, suitable to small and medium enterprises.

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