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Fluorite powder briquetting production line- fluorite powder briquette machine India

fluorite powderMain application of fluorite: Metallurgy ironmaking, steelmaking and ferroalloy of flux, deslagging agent, production of synthetic cryolite raw materials. Cryolite in aluminum electrolysis production as fluxing agent, whitening agent, enamel glass sunscreen chemical industrial production of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid as main raw material, fluorine chemical (freon, fluoropolymers, fluorine fine chemicals) mineralization agent based raw materials, industrial production of cement clinker, which can reduce the sintering temperature, easy calcination, sintering time in short, energy saving glass industry production, and emulsification glass opaque glass tinted glass raw material, can reduce the temperature of glass melting, improved melt, accelerate the melting, which can reduce the fuel consumption ratio of ceramic industry, ceramic manufacturing process of enamel flux and opacifying agent, and is one of the indispensable ingredients glaze. 

Fluorite powder briquetting machine is similar with coal briquette ball press machine, desulfurization gypsum briquetting machine, can press fluorite powder, slag, metal powder, coal powder, coke powder and other materials into different shapes. As roller forced extrusion, the products have high density, high strength, high hardness of the three characteristics, and the machine adopts 650Mn hard materials, with good wear-resisting performance, effectively improve the service life of roller.

Requirements for molding material of fluorite powder briquette machine:

1, material granularity is 80-200 mesh.

2, the material is not allowed to have any metal objects, otherwise it will damage the surface of roll.

3, the feed materials must meet, so the ball rate will be guaranteed.

Need to remind the user that for metal powder press into balls, roller wear is relatively severe, users in the purchase of fluorite powder briquette press machine, special should pay attention to the material of the leather roller, the best selection of wear-resistant alloy forging.

Introduction of process flow of fluorite powder briquetting production line:

Fluorite powder - feed bin - horizontal drying machine - adhesive mixing barrel - biaxial mixer - fluorite powder briquetting machine - vertical drying machine - finished products.

Introduction of process equipment for fluorite powder briquetting line:

1, feeding machine: for fluorite powder briquette ball machine provides continuous and uniform feeding.

2, horizontal drying machine: the fluorite powder moisture content is dried to 10-8 moisture, so that it can reach the pressure water.

3, adhesive mixing drum: a proprietary equipment for the fluorite powder briquetting machine to provide the binder, ensure the binder and fluorite powder matching uniform, is a key process to suppress into pellets.

4, biaxial mixer: make adhesive and fluorite powder mixing uniformly, also played the role of continuous and uniform feeding.

5, fluorite powder briquetting machine: the mixed fluorite powder raw materials are suppressed into balls.

6, vertical drying machine: the fluorite powder pellet should not flip, water in about 8% of the bulk pellets were dried to about 1% moisture, 98% finished rate of finished products of drying equipment, and reach the smelting requirements.

fluorite powder briquette machineTechnical index of fluorite powder briquetting machine:

The molding pressure of fluorite powder briquette machine is 160 tons, the cooling strength of balls is more than 100kg/ ball, and the drop strength is 5 times/meter, fully meet the requirement of blast furnace process.

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