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Dry powder briquette maker machine manual

Dry powder briquette maker machine, from this name is easy to get the briquette maker is important to suppress dry materials (including water), because the equipment for the material is no moisture content, which creates a material on the molding is not too smooth, can appear sometimes the phenomenon of equipment automatic restart. Companies sometimes receive such calls, it's not because of the imperfection of the technology of dry powder briquette machine itself, but the operator of equipment is not enough to understand, the operating error caused, below is how to use the correct operation to analyze the powder and the briquette maker machine.

During pressing process of dry powder briquette maker, the ball press machine equipment appear the phenomenon of the restart, the problem is the broad masses of users will often encountered problems, because for the material that does not contain water in the process of suppression, the required pressure than other materials in the process of suppressing the required power is relatively large, so need an electric shock the power will be bigger, under the condition of power is not enough, can't provide powder pressure, the normal work of power so will appear the phenomenon of equipment automatic restart. Solution is in front of the running mechanical selection to ensure the normal operation of dry powder briquetting machine of ac power, the device control device with a menu options to choose from, this will resolve mechanical restart phenomenon.

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