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Coal briquetting production lines for sale in Indonesia

Fine pulverized coal as fuel to fire, inconvenient use and transport pressure, usually coal is pressed into ball type, goose type, square type, block type through the briquette equipment etc. Coal briquette production line can press dried to a certain degree of coal slurry, coal ash and other bulk coal product into briquette, coke and various carbon products, direct smelting and application; molding can also suppress the sponge iron and various powder using iron powder. The equipment has been widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, refractory material, abrasive, chemical fertilizer, ceramics and other industries.

According to the final requirements of briquette production line can be divided into industrial briquette production line and civil coal briquette production line:

Industrial briquette production line:

Coal briquetting production lines
Because the coal gas briquettes for ball egg adhesive content requirements is too strict, uniform requirement degree above 90%, otherwise the briquettes that heat intensity can't reach may muffle furnace. So the briquette equipment is mainly equipped with three axis vertical processes and planetary stirring forced mixing process, variable flow ingredients to fixed ingredients (i.e. a ton of coal need how many adhesive, quantitative amount), the accurate control of the amount of two. The three axis vertical mixer is also called suspension type mixer, its role can completely meet the precision mixing degree, is fully ensure the briquettes binder content to reach particles uniform standards.

Civil briquette production line:

Coal briquetting production lines
General industrial life used briquettes users has without very high requirements, to adapt to new coal egg adhesive content uniformity and thermal strength, thermal stability and relatively strong.

Coal briquetting production process:
Yard - vibrating screen - grinder - batching machine - biaxial mixer - wheel mill - feeder - briquette machine - dryer machine - finished product bin.(The production line auxiliary equipments have liquid mixing barrel, storage tank, quantitative material machine and other machines. Every equipment connect with conveyor).

The main characteristics of briquette production line:

1, using more power mechanism, make cloth, pressing, demoulding sequentially.
2, the transmission mechanism adopts three stage transmission, double crank coercion, disk friction and high-speed transmission shaft, clutch and flywheel device to overload protection and energy storage.
3, the motor adopts self coupling type step-down start, to ensure the normal operation of the motor.
4, the main equipment and running speed, high yield and easy operation, replacement of mold can produce specifications diameter briquette, within the scope of the phi 85-150mm formed coke and other special-shaped products.
Coal briquetting production lines
The working principle of briquette production line:

After crushing first, the material by the conveyer sent to screening equipment for screening, powder less than 3mm powder materials into the powder briquette machine, ball block general specifications is 35mm * 25MM * 15mm (length * width * thickness), can also be customized according to demand, obtained balls bulk density is 1.9-2.2g/cm3, falling strength and the lump lime is quite. After balling, by screening qualified products enter into the finished products bin for using. Dry powder briquette machine's pressing width and total pressure are determined according to the material characteristics.
Single speed: the motor needn't control speed, pre-press control speed.
Double speed: host, pre-press full control speed.
It is possible to change the briquetting machine settings according to the specific requirements, has reached the demand.

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