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Briquetting machine installation considerations

 Item 1: line problem. To pressure the ball press machine installation, be sure to connect the ground wire. Connect the bottom line is that in order to prevent leakage produced by the briquetting machine in the running process, or caused by static electricity in the extrusion process of high strength.If you do not connect the ground wire, there is a potential safety hazard for the operator.At the same time for the machinery itself will cause certain damage, affect the rate of briquette machine into a ball.

Item 2: pay attention to waterproof. Briquette machine during the installation process, it is necessary to consider the water proofing property of equipment, for powdery briquette machine is suppressed, if washed by the rain, water from the inlet or briquette press machine external aperture infiltration into the machinery, damage to internal parts of the machinery, affect pressure ball chance bank stability.If the roller on the water, the hardness of suppression of the finished product.Casual at installation time, generally mounted with tilting, such is in water discharge, at the same time to pressure the ball machine for certain waterproof measures.
Item 3: pay attention to cooling. Briquette press machine is commonly used to suppress to make the material into a ball, the ball mill run after a period of time, because of the high strength of extrusion and friction, making the roller temperature rise.Excessive heat can cause damage to the roller.
Item 4: choose a can adapt to briquetting machine extruding the strength of the shock. Shock was pressure ball machine power source, which is the guarantee of normal operation of briquette machine. Need according to the different types and different type of briquette  machine can withstand maximum feed to choose electric shocks.

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