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Briquetting machine heat dissipation problems at work

Briquetting machine works for a long time, the body will feel very hot, has been a hot will have a lot of damage to equipment. briquetting machine heat dissipation problem and how to better to solve? 

Before install briquetting machine pipeline installation shall be in strict accordance with the electrical specifications, wear the heavy current and weak current signal line isolation apply, to avoid interference.In the outdoor environment, open an independent external lightning protection measures should be taken.The ball press machine itself also should keep a good grounding, prevent electrostatic cumulative impact on the ball press machine.When installation to correctly connected, the power cord, telecommunication lines and video connection with reference to the requirements of the installation instructions, carefully to make sure communication mode and the corresponding pin definition.In general, the equipment should be installed in the late construction, in order to avoid the construction site of a large number of dust into the ball press machine, directly affect the use effect and life.briquetting machine cooling problems at work also must be considered.Part of the brand on the market no outdoor type ball press, thus cannot be directly applied to outdoor, must add outdoor fittings such as shield.Pelco outdoor type ball press its standard contains a sun shade, heater, and dual cooling fans and other elements, to adapt to the outdoor poor or extreme temperature environment. 
Install pressure should be the first to unit after the ball press machine debugging, so that we can reduce the burden of the whole system debugging.Pelco ball press machine with RJ45 interface used for monomer debugging.Through the RJ45 interface connects the ball press machine and debugging tool kit, can debug ball press machine output image, such as tensile yuntai rotation, lens.Menu may also enter ball press machine, further to do initial setup. 
The solution of the above is the problem of briquetting machine cooling, can solve the problem of briquetting machine heat dissipation, so the briquetting machine can normal work, after cooling briquetting machine is not prone to failure.

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