Formula Fertilizer Production Line

【Production Capacity】:
【Motor Power】:
【Feeding Size】:
【Finish Fineness】:
【Product Overview】:
【Main Features】:
quantitative packaging machinery, low investment, high efficiency
【Quality Assurance】:

 Formula Fertilizer Production Line  Formula Fertilizer Production Line
 simple BB fertilizer production line  semi-automatic BB fertilizer production line
 Formula Fertilizer Production Line  Formula Fertilizer Production Line
 Electronic horizontal BB fertilizer production line  Double barrel automatic packer
 Formula Fertilizer Production Line
 Horizontal electronic batching BB fertilizer engineering
Fertilization scientific and technological progress to promote the equipment innovation, the formula fertilizer equipment has been formed in accordance with the different requirements of the market "manual work is simple, semi-automatic, automatic electronic" a variety of models, based on customer requirements, individuation design and manufacturing.
First, simple BB fertilizer production line features:
1, low investment;
2, mechanical transmission, intuitive and reliable;
3, the operation is simple;
4, long service life.
Second, semi-automatic BB fertilizer production line features:
1, the use of a single bag ingredients mixed package,  easy to control raw materials,and high mixing uniformity;
2, high ingredients mixing speed, contacting with the air is short, the fertilizer is difficult to sucking water and damp;
3, unique seismic devices to ensure accurate measurement and stable work in a more complicated working conditions;
4, the operation of the instrument is simple, easy to use, can store more than one recipe, and it can be set at any time as needed, to achieve automatic control by the use of electric control device;
Third, electronic automatic BB fertilizer equipment features:
1, using manual quantitative packaging machinery, low investment, high efficiency;
2, twisted blender intermittent operation, continuous production;
3, simple operation, easy maintenance;
4, long service life.
5, reduce the investment: soil testing fertilizer equipment is a set of ingredients, mixing, packaging,reducing repeated promotion of raw materials and mixed, to reduce equipment investment;
6, save cost: due to advanced technology and reasonable mechanism, soil testing formula fertilizer equipment not only has small power equipment(<15 KW), low energy consumption(power consumption per ton is 0.3 degrees), but also can save manpower;
7, long life: the use of stainless steel materials and imported electrical parts manufacturing. Products can still operate in hot, humid and cold conditions, to ensure the stability of product performance.

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