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Organic Fertilizer Thrown Round Machine

【Production Capacity】:
1.5-5 t/h
【Motor Power】:
22-45 KW
【Feeding Size】:
【Finish Fineness】:
3.5-5.5 mm
【Product Overview】:
  Introduction of  organic fertilizer thrown round machine: PYJ organic fertilizer thr
【Main Features】:
product particle stability,strength advantages,clever solution
【Quality Assurance】:

Organic Fertilizer Thrown Round Machine 

Introduction of  organic fertilizer thrown round machine:

PYJ organic fertilizer thrown round machine is made by the development and improvement of a new generation professionally produced organic fertilizer granulation equipment, on the basis of the old organic fertilizer granulator.
A new generation of organic fertilizer thrown round machine production operations for a long time continuous production process automation, product particle stability, strength advantages, clever solution to the original cast round granulator model production process requires manual operation, product quality unstable shortcomings, the end of chicken manure and other organic fertilizer raw materials is difficult because of loose granulation into a ball the more difficult problems.
Heavy organic fertilizer disposable circular machine particle moisture content to produce the low, easy to dry, and also can expand the production of feed grains, the formation of a domestic blank field of granulator machine, through the market by the received by users.
 Organic Fertilizer Thrown Round MachineOrganic Fertilizer Thrown Round Machine
The characteristics of organic fertilizer thrown round machine:
1. Organic fertilizer thrown round machine production is high, in the process flexible, combined with the organic fertilizer granulation machine, disc granulator at the same time, you can solve a single granulation machine must be equipped with a single throw circular machines brought the process is complex, large investment in equipment produced in the finished product quality is inconsistent and other defects.
2. Machine cast cylinder made up of two or three sequential arrangement of components, materials after several cast round, finished discharged from the discharge opening, finished particle size, round and smooth, up to 97% yield, while a small amount of fertilizer from organic fertilizer to throw round disk edge of the gap down the outflow along the waste port;
3.Organic fertilizer thrown round the beautiful appearance, structure and working principle is simple, safe, reliable, small size, light weight, easy operation and maintenance.
4.Organic fertilizer thrown round machine adaptability, able to adapt to working in a variety of environments, and organic fertilizer thrown round machine can maintain a continuous long time operation, dynamic energy consumption, electrode province, low production costs, high economic efficiency.
5.The aircraft used for a variety of organic fertilizer and bio-organic fertilizer extrusion granulation after throwing circle process, process chemicals, feed production process of throwing round, small and medium-sized chicken farms, organic fertilizer factory and feed mill produced particles thrown circular process of the device of choice.
Technology parameters:
Organic Fertilizer Thrown Round Machine

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