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Desulfurized Gypsum Dryer

【Production Capacity】:
【Motor Power】:
3-15 KW
【Feeding Size】:
【Finish Fineness】:
【Product Overview】:
  Introduction of Desulfurized gypsum dryer: With the growing awareness of environmental prot
【Main Features】:
designed reasonable, no dust pollution,high thermal efficiency
【Quality Assurance】:

Desulfurized Gypsum Dryer 

Introduction of Desulfurized gypsum dryer:

With the growing awareness of environmental protection, the government has tighter and tighter control on the emission of the sulfur dioxide in the coal-fired flue gas by power plants, so that desulfurization is imperative.
Desulfurization gypsum has some differences from natural gypsum, for example, desulfurization gypsum has high purity, big free water and fine granularity. The size distribution is even and the gradation is bad and the water consumption for standard thickness is high. It is noteworthy that the source of desulfurization gypsum and natural gypsum is different. In addition, the main impurities of the desulfurization gypsum are the unreacted calcium carbonate and the fineness of the processing limestone will influence the quality of the desulfurization gypsum.
Structure of Desulfurized gypsum dryer:
Desulfurization gypsum dryer is also known as gypsum powder dryer or carborundum powder dryer, composed of heat source equipment, transportation equipment, drying equipment, transmission equipment, dust removal equipment, wind system, electronic control equipment and other several parts.
Features of Desulfurized gypsum dryer:
1. Using chemical gypsum (flue gas desulfurization gypsum, ardealit, etc) to stir-fry into β-hemihydrate gypsum powder;
2. The process guarantees the precision control of stir-frying time and temperature requirements of calcined gypsum powder;
3. The outlet of frying machine is designed reasonable, no dust pollution at run time;
4. Banking-up and shutdown when intermittent feeding, the frying machine can put into normal operation again after opening 3 minutes;
5. Use the supporting gas stoves or boiling furnace to heat, and tail gas waste heat can be recovered for utilization (boiling water or heating air);
6. Desulfurization gypsum dryer adopts downstream drying method, the hot air and wet material into the drying machine by the same side, using high temperature air to obtain high evaporation strength, dryer outlet temperature is low, high thermal efficiency;
7. Drying machine adopts "self-aligning roller device", make the riding wheel and roll ring with a linear contact forever, thus greatly reduces the wear and power loss.
Technical parameter of Desulfurized gypsum dryer:
 Desulfurized Gypsum Dryer

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