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4-6 tons/h coke powder briquette equipment for coal production line sent to Philippines

At 10 o'clock in the morning we started loading to delivery, the delivery of production line equipment is Philippine customers for the production 4-6 tons of coke powder briquette production line, including coke briquetting equipment, coke briquette press machine, vertical mill, vertical dryer, biaxial mixer.

Coke is a solid fuel, hard, porous, high heat, high temperature carbonization and coal, used for iron smelting. Coke usually according to use points for metallurgical coke (including blast furnace, coke, foundry coke and iron alloy coke), gasification coke and calcium carbide with coke. In industrial use are usually the coke pressed into the ball, not only can improve the rate of utilization of coke, and convenient transportation, cost savings.
Coke briquetting machine is a kind of briquette press machine, mainly press coke into balls. Its yield is high, to suppress the high hardness and molding; ball rate is high, strong rigidity of the finished product, not easily broken; improve the coke briquetting press machine equipment accessory products to provide one-stop solution; equipment maintenance is simple, small loss, provide 24 hours a full range of technical support to solve worries.
coke powder briquette equipmentcoke powder briquette equipmentcoke powder briquette equipment

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