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Biomass Briquetting Machine

【Production Capacity】:
0.5-2 t/h
【Motor Power】:
22 kw
【Feeding Size】:
【Finish Fineness】:
【Product Overview】:
Biomass briquetting technology at home and abroad extensive research, Turkey make the lignite and pi
【Main Features】:
High production capacity, low power consumption
【Quality Assurance】:

Biomass briquetting technology at home and abroad extensive research, Turkey make the lignite and pinecone, saw wood, paper making effluent mixed in 50-250 mpa pressure briquettes, biomass additive content is 0-30%, Spain make wood sawing, olives and inferior coal kunduz, using humic acid salt as binder type briquette, the molding pressure is 200-400 mpa, used in the production of biomass, coal, without drying processes. For modified crops straw as a binder by means of ir and microscopic observation techniques, study the fomring mechanism of biomass coal, and study its waterproof performance, in order to promote the development and popularization application of biomass briquetting technology.

Biomass Briquetting Machine
Biomass briquetting machine use crop, solid waste material as it’s raw materials such as corn stalks, wheat straw, cotton stalks, rice husk, peanut shells, corncob, tree branch, tree leaf, sawdust and so on, through crushed then press, increase the density, produce biomass granule machine.
Biomass briquette machine produce process:
From raw material to final products process: recycle raw material- grinding - feeder (raw material without metal material) - biomass ball press - products - cooling - conveying - finished products.
 Biomass Briquetting Machine
Biomass ball press machine properties:
1. High production capacity, low power consumption:
1.5-2t/h, only need 22kw motor. Electric equipment can be replaced by diesel engine.
2. Strong raw material adaptable: suitable to press all kinds biomass raw materials, raw material length: 0-50mm, humidity: 5-30% can be process to granules.
3. Electric heating function: completely automatic electric heating device, can adjust raw material humidity, solve material block, difficult into granule problems.
4. Press roller automatic adjust function: utilize pushing bearing double direction rotation principle automatic adjust pressure angle, make sure stable output products.
5. Easy operation and convenient to use: high automatic degree, only need three people to operation, using people feeding or conveyor automatic feeding.
6. Process: crushing --- conveying --- briquetting --- final products into storage.

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