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Wood Chipper Machine

【Production Capacity】:
480-2000 kg
【Motor Power】:
7.5-22 KW
【Feeding Size】:
【Finish Fineness】:
【Product Overview】:
Product Description: Wood chipper is one of a series of wood processing equipment. It is widely u
【Main Features】:
high-speed rotation
【Quality Assurance】:

Wood Chipper Machine

Product Description:

Wood chipper is one of a series of wood processing equipment. It is widely used in the preparation section of the production process in the textile, paper, pulp, plywood and other industries . The main raw this machine cutting is peeled small diameter wood, bamboo, slab wood and harvesting fuelwood,  and other materials. But not too rough (more than 350mm) or too small (30mm or less),  too short (250mm), too thin (5mm) and irregular materials (no decomposition of the stump, twigs, etc.) haven't the uniform functions of cutting, or just cut raw based on the original , the wall thickness of less than 5 mm bamboo slices is not fully layered cutting function. Or may choose another broken machine, to chip the too large size of wood pieces, in order to achieve the desired size.
The wood chipper machine can process wood, branches and other materials into wood chips. This crusher is mainly composed of shaving device, crushing device and fan, which can be used for material crushing before or after charbonization.
This crusher is a necessary equipment for charcoal production line, especially for charcoal production line. Henan Shisheng Machinery Factory is specialized in manufacturing and exporting of charcoal equipments including crusher, dryer, conveyor, rod making machine, carbonization furnace and auxiliary equiptments. 
 Wood Chipper Machine
Working principle of wood chip machine:
Wood from the feed inlet into the cutting of wood exposed to cutting cutter films, with the high-speed rotation of the cutter disk cutting, and the cutting of wood interior blades cut on the cutter plate high-speed steam flow is sent.
Technical parameter of wood chipper:
Wood Chipper Machine

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