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Semi-wet Material Grinder

【Production Capacity】:
1-8 t/h
【Motor Power】:
11-15 KW
【Feeding Size】:
≤60 mm
【Finish Fineness】:
<Φ0.7 mm
【Product Overview】:
Semi-wet material grinder's features: The most prominent advantage of the semi-wet material
【Main Features】:
large mixing quantity,easy recipe,strong pertinence, overcome shunt phenomenon
【Quality Assurance】:

Semi-wet Material Grinder

Semi-wet material grinder's features:

The most prominent advantage of the semi-wet material grinder is large mixing quantity, easy recipe, strong pertinence, overcome shunt phenomenon due to different materials specific gravity and particle size in the downward flow process, improve the batching accuracy, and the product structure is simple, easy to operate, easy to repair, and greatly reduce equipment investment, thus saving the manpower, financial, and energy consumption.

Semi-wet material grinder working principle:
Semi-wet material grinding mill is specialized in high humidity, multi-fiber material professional grinding equipment. Semi-wet materials uses high-speed rotary blade grinder, grinding fiber size is good, high efficient and effective. Semi-wet material grinder is used for organic fertilizer production and processing, crushing manure, humic acid sodium and other raw materials with good effect.
1. Use double rotor to two-stage crush, material through higher rotor grind into small particles, and then transported to the lower rotor, continues crushed into fine powder, reaching the material powder, hammer powder most good effect, and finally direct unloading spout.
2. Don’t design mesh sieve bottom, over a hundred kinds of materials can be crushed and will not be blocked. Even materials just pulled from the water can also be crushed, not because of crushing wet material block, causing burn out the motor, affecting production.
3. Use high wear-resistant alloy hammer crusher, hammer is manufactured by forged, especially extremely resistant, rugged hammer more than ordinary hammer and increases the service life of hammer.
4. semi-wet material grinder use two-way adjustable gap technology. If the hammer is worn, do not need repair, moving the location of the hammer can continue to use. Adjusting the gap between the hammer and the liner can control material particle size.
5. semi-wet material grinder use high-tech technology and only requires one person to easily operate, not only safe, reliable, and easy maintenance.
6. semi-wet material grinder use centralized lubrication system oiling, under the normal work, it is unnecessary downtime to inject lubricant.

Semi-wet material grinder's technical parameters:
Model Max.feeding size(mm) Materials size after grinding(mm) Motor power(Kw) Production capacity(t/h)
LP500 ≤60 <Φ0.7 11 1-3
LP600 ≤60 <Φ0.7 15 1-5
LP800 ≤60 <Φ0.7 15 2-8

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