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Mesh Belt Dryer

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Mesh belt type drying machine use steel mesh as transmission belt material conveying continuous dr
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Mesh Belt Dryer

Mesh belt type drying machine use steel mesh as transmission belt material conveying continuous drying of drying equipment, due to the transmission belt is mesh, so the drying rules or irregular various nubby object (such as coal, ore forming fast, food, vegetables, etc.) is most appropriate. The machine can be used for supporting other equipments, can also be used alone. The equipment can be widely used in metallurgy, building materials, ceramics, chemical fertilizer, chemical and other industries, and the mesh belt dryer is also the ideal equipment for drying and processing of food and vegetables.

Mesh belt dryer is a kind of dry equipment of mass and continuous production. The main heating mode is electric heating, steam heating, hot air heating. The main principle is the material evenly tiled on the mesh belt, mesh band use 12-60 mesh wire mesh belt, is driven by the drive device in the dryer moving back and forth, hot air in the material through the flow of the, water vapor is discharged from the wet discharging hole in, so as to achieve the purpose of drying, body length by a combination of standard section, in order to save space, drying mechanism into multi-layer, common has two room three and two room five layer, length 6-40 m, effective width 0.6-3 m.

Mesh Belt Dryer

Mesh belt type drying machine will have to deal with the material through the appropriate shop feed mechanism, such as star type distributor, swing belt, grinder mill or granulator, distribution on the conveyor belt, conveyor belt through one or several heating unit composed channel, and each heating unit is  equipped with air heating and circulation system, each channel has one or several dehumidification system, the conveyor belt through, hot air from top down or from upwards through the conveyor belt material, so that the material can be dried evenly.Mesh Belt Dryer


1, small investment, fast drying, high evaporation intensity.

2, high efficiency, high output, good quality products.

3, standardized production, according to the number of output increase.

4, adjust the air quantity, heating temperature, material residence time and feeding speed to get the best drying effect.

5, equipment configuration is flexible, can be used in network with flushing system and material cooling system.

6, most of the air circulation, high energy saving.

7, the unique sub - wind device, so that the hot air distribution more uniform, to ensure the consistency of product quality.

8, the heat source can be steam, heat conduction oil, or gas stove.

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