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Compost Fermentation Pile-turning Machine

【Production Capacity】:
according to needed
【Motor Power】:
according to matched device
【Feeding Size】:
no need
【Finish Fineness】:
no need
【Product Overview】:
【Main Features】:
shorter fermentation period,fermented, little pollution, convenient
【Quality Assurance】:

Compost fermentation pile-turning machine

Organic fertilizer fermentation equipment is used in the industrialization fermentation of animal manure, garbage, sewage sludge and straw organic solids processing, can also be used for fermented feed, the products can be divided into straight tower type fermentation equipment and trough tossing fermentation equipment of two major series products.

Compost fermentation pile-turning machine
Trough type fermentation equipment adopts geosyncline structure, according to the structure building design whole machine and multi slot of fermentation products, with characteristics of simple operation, shorter fermentation period, fully fermented, little pollution, expansion and convenient.
Compost fermentation pile-turning machine

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